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To embrace the unembraceable: 8-hour Zurich

That time we were flying to the capital of sunny Italy – to Rome. Along the way we got a chance to spend 8 hours in one of the most beautiful cities of Switzerland. We had no need and no desire to sit back in the airport so, 15 minutes after we’d landed and got our passports stamped, we have entered the city.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is the major cultural center of the country. For designers, Switzerland is synonymous with clear structures and brevity, with beauty in simple and elegant forms. It’s heaven on earth for people of visual type. It doesn’t really matter whether one, looking at that city, is a designer, an architect or just a person of good taste. But if you’re more of the fan of beach rest and all-inclusive resort the city might seem a little boring for you. As one of my mates said, ‘Only retired have time of the life there’.

I was interested in everything: from shreds of newspaper, random writing on the walls, small signage to the huge banners and billboards. All those were designed as top notch, clear, accurate and not boring things.

Of course, someday it is entering upon a period when every single mean of laconism and combinations of means have been already tried. And then there comes an experiment time. Zurich, in this regard, is not an exception. Its traditions and heritage are honored and respected, but at the same time experiments and new graphic suggestions, based on the already existed methods, are also welcomed there.

In the era of globalization, culture mixing and Fusion trending worldwide, Switzerland risked losing itself and its unique style. This is not yet the case, despite the new experiments. I won’t speak for anyone else, but, as for me, I see the difference between Swiss style and another. Especially when it comes to a poster.

Museum fur Gestaltung Zurich

The main museum of visual communication and design in Switzerland is situated in the historic building in Ausstellungsstrasse. Also, there’s a part in the new Schaudepot complex, which is located at Toni-Areal and shares the territory of the complex with the University of Arts Zurich.

There are two permanent displays in the historic building: one gives a picture of design history and another is devoted to the history of posters. The archives of the museum contain cultural assets of international significance. Such objects as those are in the collections of graphics, of posters and decorative art were influential in the development of the various fields of design at the different times in history.

Attended the new complex, we’ve made our way into the exhibition «Design Process», where it was told in perfect detail what a great deal of work had been done on the projects, how designers had been presenting their work to customers, what comments and decisions had been made… By the way, not so long ago a large open exhibition was held in West Flanders.

But it doesn’t pay to leave immediately after the show. Walk through the corridors of the University, go upstairs. You would gain more inspiration from young, brash and ambitious students. The building itself is a great display. The walls are painted, covered with posters and sketches. Pay attention to the signboard and nav system of the complex.

We’ve spent up our 8 hours in Zurich visiting the exhibitions in both buildings as if we had done it in no time at all. However, we still had some time on the clock so we decided to go for a walk. Bought a box of dates, grabbed a bite and got on the bus to the airport with confidence. Imagine our surprise, when we were taken away in the opposite direction. There was a short time left before our flight, but it would be a crime if we didn’t walk around the place we had come to.

We got off the bus in the private sector. There’s clean and nice everywhere as it goes in Europe. Passed 100 meters from the station, we’ve come to the picturesque lake. Finished the dates and then eventually went out to the airport with 200% certainty.