Creative task

Upjet Group is one of the international leading companies, providing a full range of services of organization and implementation of MICE events in all tourist destinations.

This year Upjet asked me to create visual identity for annual a corporate event, where they discussed the results of the last year, the goals for the next year, conducted business-trainings and had an award ceremony.

Upjet Conference

The key word of the conference was «Transformation». It means transformation of the company, but first, transformation of their employes. The visual identity should underline the necessity of changes and the importance of each employee for future of the company.

The visual language is based on the graphic metaphor «effect of distorting mirror», which is a good illustration of changes. All the printed materials prepared for the conference are made on special reflective paper which reminds the employees that they and they actions are the reflection of the company. The future of the company depends on their progress.

Typography is also based on the idea of transformation and it’s connected with the graphic metaphor. Creating visual identity, we have restyled the logotype, developed the printed materials and the award statuettes for the ceremony.

ClientUpjet GroupSectorMICE, EventDisciplineBrand IdentityYear2018

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