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The exhibition  Your neighbours are the artists

In late October there was an exhibition entitled ‘Buren Bij Kunstenaars’, which is literally translated as ‘Your neighbors are the artists’, in Bruges. I don’t know Dutch, but that title accurately reflects the very heart of the exhibition.

During October 19-21, most of the studios were open to the public in Bruges and in few other cities of West Flanders. The exhibition attendees could see the painters working and creating something of art, ask them what idea they were putting into the work or just have a small talk on any tangents. That was more of a dinner with friends than an exhibition.

I’ve seen fantastic examples of pottery, paintings and calligraphy. What also appeared there frequently was carving, that is calligraphy on the stone. In the streets of Bruges one can find infinitely beautiful samples of calligraphy, immortalized in stone.

I’ve had grand plans that included visiting the photography and glass craftsmen’s studios, but the hours were not conductive for everything. The exhibition is annual, and if you happen to be in Belgium at that time don’t waste the chance of visiting the ‘Buren Bij Kunstenaars’. For all those interested in art it would be a great opportunity to spend some quality time.

It is a true pleasure to be in a studio, to see artists making their works of art and feel the atmosphere of a creative kingdom. That is far more fascinating than just looking at already-done pieces of art isolated from their creator in any exhibition hall.

Most people showed their hobbies there. It means that they didn’t get anything out of this, didn’t aim to sell their works – they simply did all of this for their individual selves. However, the visitors had an opportunity to purchase artists’ works as a part of the display. I was most interested in those craftspeople who, for instance, had been making ceramics as a hobby, but not for commercial purposes. IMHO.

I was surprised a lot when I found some Cyrillic letters in one of the studios. These curious figures were spotted there, too. I forgot to mention that the exhibition had been totally free.

The studios and the artists: Maud Bekaert, Kristoffel Boudens, Lily Viaene, Griet Verhaert, Hilde and Kathleen Carels, Tine Deweerdt, Brody Neuenschwander